Fight Night 2 – MMA Romance

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For years, housewife Ava Cassidy has been taking her kids to Brandon ‘Bruiser’ Broderick’s run-down karate school; and never given it a second thought. He’s a good kid, running free classes for at-risk teens and special needs students. But when the handsome young instructor asks her to check over his books, Ava discovers that the school’s whole future hangs in the balance. Sensei Brandon inherited a financial disaster – and now his karate school is hemorrhaging money; and on the brink of closure. His only hope is to do the unthinkable – rejoin the mixed martial arts circuit he quit years ago. Out of shape and out of training, Brandon has scored a bout against one of the hottest young fighters in the league; but everything he loves depends on the result. At first, Ava’s just happy to help – but as she gets closer to this brooding, beautiful young man, she finds herself being inexorably drawn to him. Before she knows it, Ava’s swept up in a passionate, sexual affair – and now it’s not just the school that they’re threatened with losing.

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Smooth-talkin’ Texan Travis Oates and brooding Russian badass Nikolai Bukov make unusual best friends – and that friendship is put to the test when the two heavyweights find themselves squaring off in the cage. Taking notes from the sidelines is sexy reporter Lyssa Meadows – who’s eager to earn her position as the first female sportswriter of the Herald Tribune by getting an exclusive on this headlining rivalry. But when the fight ends prematurely, she realizes she’s going to have to go above-and-beyond to score the story. Which is why this sexy reporter scams her way back to the two prizefighter’s hotel; and convinces them to give her an exclusive private interview. But the two best friends expect something in return; and soon Travis and Nikolai convince Lyssa that they’re not the only ones who need to be stripped down and written up.


One upon a time, co-ed Kristen had the mother-of-all-crushes on her sexy, African-American stepbrother Hannibal. But that was before ‘Baller’ dropped out of college, turned his back on his family and headed off to Vegas to become one of MMA’s most notorious bad-boys. And now he’s back home – suspended for three months, broke and furious with the world. Her stepdad says Baller’s just there to tear their family apart. Her mom warns her to steer clear of the infuriatingly sexy, arrogant asshole. But Baller’s little brother is trying to follow in Hannibal’s footsteps; and Kristen realizes if she doesn’t get a handle on her sexy stepbrother, all hell will break loose.

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