Take the ride of your life with Honey Palomino’s best selling Gods of Chaos Motorcycle Club trilogy and escape to a dangerously sexy world filled with thrilling outlaw bikers with hearts of gold that know how to stand behind the strong women they love.

Leaving the past behind is never easy, so Daisy Sinclair didn’t expect a smooth road when she jumped in her truck and headed West to escape an abusive relationship. She prepared herself, and she grew stronger by the day, ready to face her past full-on when the time came.

As the President of the Gypsy Riders MC, Mike Montgomery spends his days preparing for the worst case scenario. Bold, daring, handsome and dangerous, he’s exactly what Daisy doesn’t need in her life. But how can a girl refuse a deliciously seductive man that’s slathered in tattoos, wrapped in leather and promising her the ride of her life?

Growing up as the daughter of the Blackhearts MC’s President, Olivia LaVelle has seen it all. Drugs and violence darken her everyday existence. But everything changes when her parents die, and she is taken in by a cop and his wife. Years later, life takes another unexpected turn as she grows up and joins the force herself.

When Liv is sent on an undercover mission to spy on the Dirty Crow Motorcycle Club, it requires getting deliciously intimate with the sexy President. It’s all part of the job until sparks fly, and all hell breaks loose. Liv quickly realizes that dangerous men might just be her one weakness.

Vanessa Valentine is spoiled, rich, and beautiful. When her ruthless father cuts off her flow of cash, she finds herself in the company of strangers and working as a high class call girl to maintain her posh lifestyle.

She never expected to be captured. She never expected her father to care more about politics than his youngest daughter’s life. And she certainly never expected to fall in love with her captor, the dark and mysterious Hawk, president of the Devil’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club.

Jett is beautiful, talented, and one of the biggest rock stars in the world. But fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Relentless touring, a grueling schedule, and fanatics that want much more from her than an autograph, have left her jaded and tired. When a madman gets too close and threatens her very existence, she calls on the only person she’s ever trusted – Colton James.

Once a dear friend that was ripped out of her life, he’s now the vice president of The Loyal Bastards Motorcycle Club. Colt shows up dripping in tattoos, wrapped in leather and oozing smoldering masculinity, ready to protect the woman that still haunts his dreams. But Jett’s uninhibited wild side and roller coaster curves make it impossible for Colt to stay professional. Sparks fly, and Colt is tempted until he can no longer resist. When he finally gives in, the mistake costs him more than he ever imagined it could.


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