SONS OF STEEL: MC Romance Boxed Set

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I’m not a fighter. I’m a shy, curvy good girl who does what she’s told. Abused, battered and beaten down by those who say they love me; I’ve spent my life being the perfect victim for the powerful and the cruel.

J. taught me that love is worth fighting for.

And now I am ready to fight back.


Keep your head down. That’s what they told me when I got out of prison and again once I finished my parole. And I meant to do that, I swear. I had my brothers, The Sons of Steel Motorcycle Club at my side. I had a mission and a sense of pride. I wasn’t looking for a fight.

But meeting Emmy turned that all on its head. She’s too damn beautiful not to fight for, no matter what it costs me.

Whether it’s my freedom, or my life.

She’s worth it.

Steel My Love


Case Ericsson was my first love.

But when he told me his secret, I had to betray him.

He disappeared from my life without a chance to explain, and now I am struggling to move on.

I always wanted to see him again.

I hoped I’d never see him again.

I did what I knew was right, but can he forgive me?


I told her my secret in a moment of weakness. And then she sent my whole life into chaos.

But time passed. I’ve moved on. I have a family in The Sons of Steel Motorcycle Club, and a purpose as their Sergeant-At-Arms.

I should be able to forget Alexandra Delaney.

Loving her tore me apart once before. Does getting her back mean I have to lose everything all over again?

Steel My Soul

The whispers around my small town are that Gabriela Ortiz is a total slut.

So I set out to make them right.

But when I brought home the biker, there was something so familiar about him, though there definitely shouldn’t have been. After all, if I had met him before, I would have remembered him for sure. He’s sex on legs, with piercing blue eyes and a jawline that could cut you.

It’s only after a night of the best sex of my life that I wake up and realize who he is.

But why is he back in town?

And why is he calling himself Crash?


I don’t know why I came back here. But if I’ve got to start all over again, I could do worse than do it in Gabi’s bed. One night with her was all I needed to set things right.

The only problem is, now I can’t stop thinking about her.

That’s bad.

Because I haven’t started all over again, not this time anyway. I’ve got a past and it’s coming for me and if I don’t watch out it’s going to come for Gabi too.

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